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I live in New York City with my wife, Lijuan Niu. I practice psychotherapy, teach, write, jog, listen to music and spend as much time as possible loafing in Central Park. I received an AB from Fordham College and a Ph.D. In clinical psychology from New York University. I hold certificates in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis from two postdoctoral programs.

I have been chief psychologist of the Mt.Vernon, New York public schools, associate professor at the College of New Rochelle, associate clinical professor at the Derner Institute of Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis and long time lecturer and supervisor at the American Institute of Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis. I have lectured widely, written articles and four books. I have been in private practice for forty years.If you wish, I am sometimes available for individual consultations in person or by phone or visually on line via Skype. I also make occasional presentations like the one March 2l, 2007 at the Fordham College at Sixty on “Aging and Happiness.” Topics I like to speak on include that and also “Releasing the Spirit,” and “Skillful communication among friends and lovers”.

I urge you to consider my book,
In Praise of Psychotherapists: How change occurs Despite Baffling Theory and Bureaucracy.

In Praise of Psychotherapists

The two chapters on change are in this book and the chapters, "Is there such a thing as psychopathology" and "Psychotherapy often suffers from what it purports to cure" are unique and make this a special and powerful revelation. You'll learn what is great about psychotherapy and what you have to watch out for. You will read the beautiful story of Sarah who rose from the bowels of a debilitating depression to become a happily married and accomplished fine artist. Dr. Judith Goldman writes, "The best book on psychotherapy I have read in thirty years, if ever."

My newest book, "Always Say Hello to Life: how to let go of mother and be your best self" is a pocket size version of "The Price of Wisdom."

Always Say Hello to Life

It is 100 pages, elaborates the essential themes with new anecdotes, and in addition has three special chapters, "Breaking the shame habit,' Loving yourself madly, and Joy, that alone make it worth the price of admission.

Irene G. from Yugoslavia said, "You have given me, no the whole world, a great gift."

Both books are available at amazon.com and bn.com.

Thanks for spending some time with me. My best wishes to you for a free and joyful life.